Saturday, 27 September 2014

beautiful pakistan art gallery painting
art gallery and painting

Fine Art Gallery holds painting exhibition ‘Winter Horizon’       The Fine Art Pakistan Gallery (FAP) has organized a beautiful group exhibition titled “Winter Horizon” comprising work by four contemporary artists Mohammad Ali Bhatti, Moazzam Ali, Maqbool Ahmed and Chitra Pritam recently at FAP Gallery. more them.

 painting of birds flying in sunset it seems like a sadness view coloured with beautiful concept of art this landscape painting is available for sale in.....


Beautifl classics indian painting's


Asian Village

Light in the last week of September evening was vibrant and magical, bathing these home bound farmers in gold in an Asian Village. After day long activity in the fields, these farmers return home along with their cattle on the dirt roads with setting sun on their back. They fetch the fodder with them for their cattle for the coming night and start their way back to fields early in the next morning.
This picture is colour painting

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